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Thursday, March 13, 2008

"New Email Features"

Customer comments about the "new features":
The session timing-out automatically drives me crazier than anything else at the moment. I have seen other users ask about this before but they never got responses.

a good 5% of the messages in the spam folder were false positives. I was pretty shocked - especially because I can see no way of turning the spam filter OFF. ARRGH!!
I have no idea whether the webmail spam filter 'learns' when I click 'not spam'. Apparently it doesn't because it's still catching a lot of false positives from addresses I have had to 'rescue' from its clutches. ABSOLUTELY INFURIATING.
So now I have to check my mail client AND the webmail to be sure that I get all my mail. PLEASE FIX THIS.

Last night, I lost a message with a "Sorry we are unable to send this message at the moment" error.
Critical bugs like this should be the priority over "clickable links." How many months/years do we need to wait for a fix?

How many years does it take to get things right?
We pay a premium for these accounts. And we get this crap. I used to be an affiliate and sell these accounts -- now I no longer get commissions because they canned the program. And I now have to hear crap from my clients that I sold the accounts to for the crappy email service.
As my client accounts have been coming up for renewal I am pulling them because the quality of service has gone down and there are no benefits to stay.

I did not receive any reply concerning my complaint from February and my webmail account is not accessable anymore -- I assume they finally made up their mind realising that they are unable to handle a business like that and retire?
You offer a very expensive service and I really can't see any value for my money.

There are more and more people complaining but nothing is being done about it.

Please -- I just want it to *WORK*.

day 5 of timeouts, repeated password requests, web mail not available, no server at "mail.domainname" -- of course system status is "everything's wonderful"

Ever since NetIdentity switched over to their "new and improved" interface your webmail service has totally sucked. No one has ever responded to my support issues since you've upgraded your system - with the exception of receiving a canned response on one occasion that was no help at all.
99% of the time that I've attempted to log into my "new and improved" NetIdentity webmail account to check my inbox I get an error message.

I first noticed it was out on Thursday the 20th. Try to log in, get:
"Service is unavailable, try again later"
I'm hoping someone checks the service tickets on Saturday and notices that a lot of people cannot log in. I'm guessing that the service team at NetIdentity uses some other mail service, so none of them noticed that their system is out.
Great stuff, I wonder how much they would have to charge to have a mail system that works as good as, say, any of the free services?

I try to download my mail and just nothing happens.
You suck, guys, sorry.

I echo Jen's statement. You guys suck.

I agree with all the responses above - the service has seriously deteriorated...

I am paying money for this email. I am not a beta tester, and the reliability of this email system is horrible.

I will no longer, at least at this point, recommend this service to anyone.
Hopefully some day Tucows will either bring dependability to this service, or sell this to someone who has the ability to make this service dependable.

My account have been locked for two days even though I paid. And no one answers anything. I probably wrote 15 tickets to every department in the last month, and still nothing.
I think it is time to move on...

Your service is totally unacceptable. I wish for the days when the MailBank owned NetIdentity -- I hate Tucows! -- They don't care.

I have an "open" ticket that I submitted back in December, so I wouldn't count on ever receiving support. I can't imagine a worse customer service system.

I opened ticket GXL-125929 on December 22 about this issue and have never received a single response. (I've changed the ticket to "escalated" status twice in the past month.)
I've had two web/mail accounts with NetIdentity since 1999. The old webmail worked just fine. I don't know why I am paying more money since TuCows took over for lower quality service and product that does not function properly.
I received a renewal notification a few days ago. It had a line that if I had any questions regarding my account, to write to "renewals@netidentity.com". Since I clearly wasn't getting any answers on the three-month-old help ticket, I gave that a shot and asked why I should renew if I am not receiving support. I wasn't shocked to discover that was an invalid e-mail address. Yes, they are sending out renewal requests with bad e-mail addresses.

They can't even get their own email to work so it bounces.

It's a complete disaster.

Upon calling, I get the greeting that the support line is experiencing higher than normal call volume. I suspect that is a permanent greeting. The estimated hold time was 20 minutes. So, while I ate my lunch, I stayed in the queue. After 48 minutes of listening to "relaxing music" and recorded reassurances, the line was disconnected.

I called support over 40 days ago regarding my hosed-up email account and was told by the rep that it would be fixed shortly. Nothing has happened. I've posted 3 different tickets in the "support" system with no response too.

I FINALLY got a reply back for a ticket about Webmail being down that I submitted on 12/23/07. And guess what? It was an obnoxious auto-reply that asked ME to respond to the ticket. WOW, that is SO USEFUL!

Forget workarounds. Forget support tickets. FORGET YOU, DOMAIN DIRECT.

webmail is DOWN. Yay DD! You're the best! I love being cut off from friends and family before a holiday travel weekend.

My WebMail and POP servers have been down for since 8PM yesterday.

My email has been offline for over 24 hours now with nothing from Netidentiy even acknowleding the outage... this is ridiculous. I also have tickets over 2 months old that no one has responded to... do they even realize they're offline??

I also have had 2 days of no pop or webmail access. Its actually worse than not being able to get to it; I went to the web sites of two of the mailing lists I am on, to change the lists to another email address, and the mailing list web sites informed me that emails to my address have been bouncing!
I filed a ticket, but also no response.

this is another example of very poor planning & communication from DomainDirect

I don't care about a resolution and am only paying attention for the same reason that people enjoy watching a train wreck.

they were down for 3 days and not 3 hours as the site claims

Nice new "features", NetIdentity. Too bad "usability" is not one of them.


Blogger dave wrote...

April 19. Email down 03:00 - 06:00 EST for "scheduled" maintenance. But I never got advance notice. Only saw it scheduled when I went to support page because I couldn't get email at 20:00 EST today through POP or web. I've been TUCOWed again. Ironically, this is just weeks after renewing my annual service contract with TUCOW/NetIdentity because I was somewhat satisfied with the service since the 2006 changeover disaster and figured I would give the TUCOW morons another chance. Burn me once, shame on TUCOWS. Burn me twice, and shame on me. NEVER AGAIN.

5:42 PM  
Blogger Red Squirrel wrote...

Has anyone else noticed that NetIdentity (both pop and webmail - "page not found" from webmail) have been completely and totally down this weekend, 2 days in a row so far? My supports tickets are completely ignored. And, their status page lists an unrelated non-problem from 5 days ago; everything else is otherwise fine.

This is the last straw. My whole family is not renewing our accounts when they expire this month.

I have activated a free account for one of my GoDaddy domains and got myself a custom email address now, for less than what NetIdentity charges, AND it actually works! How about that!

Goodbye forever, evil NetIdentity Tucows DomainDirect whatever you want to call yourselves! You suck!

11:45 AM  

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