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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

"NetIdentity Email Upgrade Is Completed" -- and it sucks

Customer reactions to the NetIdentity e-mail "upgrade":
I have heard from 2 colleagues that their emails are being rejected or they are not receiving my messages.

... the new interface really, truly, does suck.

help@domaindirect is NOT getting any response. Ever. Period.

I'm very frustrated with this "upgrade".
I found the simple solution to the attachment problem... appears you should just use a different webmail provider that actually works.

Once Again DomainDirect email is D E A D - dead! The status page reads 'Active" and all issues are "Resolved" however the reality is no access via any route.

Once again, I am unable to access email by Webmail or by send or receive via local Outlook. Please FIX YOUR EMAIL SYSTEM.

This is a joke. It MUST be a joke.
I try to send mail, find ot that the RBL has struck. Again. Four times now. I then send a message to support (none of which have EVER been answered) to find it working again some hours later, if I am lucky.

I cannot believe that you are unable to change the fonts, the platform seems to change different lines of my emails to different fonts - its ridiculous and very unprofessional.

system down or what is wrong now?
can you get that thing working for once?

"Service Unavailable" - when will this stop? Why do I even try!?

I understand phone support is now open 7/12. I am currently on hold -- have been waiting for 25 minutes. This is outrageous.
I have never received a reply to the email I originally sent requesting support for the blocked/missing emails.

"We were unable to perform your request, please try again."
Oh, goodie, a new out-of-order phrase.

Still no webmail service with the same error messages!

This is unworkable.
Should I be ordering pigeons or snails?

Now the spam filter is so good it is stopping me from sending my e-mails.

The more things change at NetIdentity, the more they stay the same.


Anonymous Anonymous wrote...

I agree. This domaind direct downgrade SUCKS!

Here's what I wrote on JavaRanch:


Man, why do people have to break things that aren't broken?

My ISP decided to upgrade, I mean downgrade, their online email client. So, they introduce this thng called Nitido WebMail which delivers an unbelievably horrible experience to the end user.

I mean, with my email, all I want to do is read my email, and read it quickly. Too bad, because reading email wasn't a priority for the Nitido Email System.

The scripting loses words. The other day, someone sent me their address, and the street just got blanked out - you couldn't see it. Happened again with another address. Yes, this email text display system can't display text.

And attachments. I like to right-click and Save-As for an attachement, but not with this advanced technology. You can't right-click and Save-As, as you only get some driver file, not the attachment. Nice - Nitido Webmail makes the easiest tasks in the world hard.

And the whole thing is scripted, so key text, you can't even highlight. I have a few emails in my saved box that have phone numbers or other details that I often use, and when I need them, I just go to my Saved box and do the highlight and copy thing - but, copy and paste is not a feature Nitido WebMail and the keen minds at DomainDirect wanted to support. Yes, Nitido makes easy things hard, and the easiest things impossible.

Plus, you can't tab. I mean, the greatest advancement in internet browsers in the last few years is the ability to tab. When I've got a boatload of email, I like to open them all up on new tabs. That way, when I'm done one email, I can hop to the next tab, and either read an email that was already downloaded, or delete something that was obviuosly spam. However, this new system has decided not to support tabs, something the old system did just great. So, now I've got this slow, garbage, scripted email system from Nitido that is not only frustrating to use, but it makes me wait and wait for my email to download.

There are a million other problems with this Nitido WebMail system that Domain Direct is using. I mean, the system was fine before - it allowed you to read your email. Now, you can't even do that properly.

Nitido - the name must be a combination of Nitwit and idiot - NITwitIDiOt.

Why must people break things that aren't broken? Boy, does it ever frustrate me.

Well, that's my rant.

-Cameron McKenzie

3:40 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous wrote...

Tucows Sucks. Period. Look at their falling stock price, hitting 53 cents today! this is a penny stock and I would not be surprised if it crashes and burns. Tucows will not invest money in their infustructure! They are sourcing their development to Eastern Europe. Time for a new CEO!

7:51 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous wrote...

How in the hell do they get away with this? They throw away my mail, their search function doesn't work, they don't respond to trouble tickets, people send me messages that get bounced back to them and a dozen other highly frustrating problems i cannot think of now!!! how do they stay in business. off to the better business bureau and maybe a law office.

10:41 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous wrote...

I've spent a frigging hour so far on the phone because the reseller of the reseller of the reseller for tucows went out of business... WTF do they let anyone become a reseller? jesus christ, spent 15min. on the phone with GoDaddy to fix a similar issue... I had to threaten to sue tucows for them to even get me a customer service number for the reseller of the reseller... Tucows = ClusterFuck the internet will be better when they get bought out by godaddy for .00001 on the dollar.

8:53 AM  

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